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    bootstrap: Fix running multiple times in-source · a3deae71
    Brad King authored
    Since commit v3.9.0-rc1~281^2 (Use quotes for non-system includes,
    2017-04-11) we include `cmConfigure.h` via `""` instead of `<>`.
    This breaks the `bootstrap` script when run more than once in an
    in-source build.  In that case `cmConfigure.h` is generated next
    to the source files that include it, so `""`-style includes prevent the
    `Bootstrap.cmk/cmConfigure.h` file from being included during bootstrap.
    Fix this by teaching the bootstrap script to remove any `cmConfigure.h`
    that may have been generated by an earlier run in an in-source build.
    Fixes: #17082
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