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    Revert the removal of boost changes · 8e39bc04
    David E. DeMarle authored
    it breaks windows and some of Xdmf's own tests
    Revert "removed a PARENT_SCOPE that was unessesary, added some missing includes, fixed cxx11 typecasting"
    This reverts commit 583c14de.
    Revert "changes to fix windows build"
    This reverts commit 397e235f.
    Revert "Updates to reduce library files needed for linking"
    This reverts commit ff194c1f.
    Revert "adjusting code away from regex to handle Apple systems"
    This reverts commit 05124fbf.
    Revert "Fixed typo"
    This reverts commit bba7984f.
    Revert "std::string compatibility"
    This reverts commit 24ea357e.
    Revert "fixes to handle boost not being available"
    This reverts commit b21b735a.
    Revert "removed print statement"
    This reverts commit 44d1df0e.
    Revert "Fixed typo in PushBack change"
    This reverts commit 61df7337.
    Revert "fixes for Windows Compilation"
    This reverts commit 92313779.
    Revert "Changes to remove boost dependency and add Cxx11 as an alternate"
    This reverts commit f5300338.
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