Commit a0fb2761 authored by Brian Panneton's avatar Brian Panneton
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FIX: Moved template(ItemVector) from Xdmf.i to XdmfCore.i

This caused Java Wrappings to fail, since the core would return
the swigified name and the non-core would return an ItemVector.
Swig did not know how to override the swigified name with ItemVector.
parent af68e41f
......@@ -31,7 +31,6 @@ swig -v -c++ -python -o XdmfCorePython.cpp XdmfCore.i
// Ignore const overloaded methods
%ignore XdmfArray::getHeavyDataController() const;
%ignore XdmfArray::getValuesInternal() const;
......@@ -360,3 +359,5 @@ swig -v -c++ -python -o XdmfCorePython.cpp XdmfCore.i
%template(resizeAsUInt8) XdmfArray::resize<unsigned char>;
%template(resizeAsUInt16) XdmfArray::resize<unsigned short>;
%template(resizeAsUInt32) XdmfArray::resize<unsigned int>;
%template(ItemVector) std::vector<boost::shared_ptr<XdmfItem> >;
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