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Commit 76a9b916 authored by Kenneth Leiter's avatar Kenneth Leiter
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BUG: Fix XdmfTopologyConverter to perform node insertion solely

based on connectivity.

Previously, nodes added to a mesh in XdmfTopologyConverter were
compared using position to ensure nodes added to element boundaries
were not duplicated (added more than once). This failed in some
cases, especially for highly refined meshes, because of incorrect
floating point comparisons. Now, shared nodes are identified using
connectivity, ensuring that nodal addition should work in all cases,
even for highly refined meshes.
parent b76c0b74
......@@ -114,7 +114,7 @@ XdmfHDF5Controller::read(XdmfArray * const array, const int fapl)
hid_t datatype;
hid_t datatype = H5T_NO_CLASS;
bool closeDatatype = false;
if(mType == XdmfArrayType::Int8()) {
datatype = H5T_NATIVE_CHAR;
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