Commit 6fa7fe7b authored by Brian Panneton's avatar Brian Panneton

FIX: Updated Java tests for change to Polyline

parent 21b23053
......@@ -128,7 +128,7 @@ public class TestXdmfEquals {
System.out.println("Checking XdmfTopologyType");
XdmfTopologyType xtt1 = XdmfTopologyType.Polyvertex();
XdmfTopologyType xtt2 = XdmfTopologyType.Polyvertex();
XdmfTopologyType xtt3 = XdmfTopologyType.Polyline();
XdmfTopologyType xtt3 = XdmfTopologyType.Polyline(0);
// Check IsEquals
if(!(xtt1.IsEqual(xtt2))) /*True*/
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