Commit 550c1aa6 authored by Andrew J. Burns (Cont's avatar Andrew J. Burns (Cont Committed by Kenneth Leiter
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fixed Python DSM bindings to wrap MPIComm correctly

parent 65e96db1
...@@ -63,9 +63,13 @@ swig -v -c++ -python -o XdmfDSMPython.cpp XdmfDSM.i ...@@ -63,9 +63,13 @@ swig -v -c++ -python -o XdmfDSMPython.cpp XdmfDSM.i
%pythoncode {
from XdmfCore import *
%include mpi4py/mpi4py.i %include mpi4py/mpi4py.i
//%mpi4py_typemap(Comm, MPI_Comm); %mpi4py_typemap(Comm, MPI_Comm);
%include <typemaps.i> %include <typemaps.i>
%apply int & INOUT {int & data }; %apply int & INOUT {int & data };
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