Commit 45aad5aa authored by David DeMarle's avatar David DeMarle

fix failing tests by switching a merge conflict resolution

these tests fail with it the other way.
C_CTestXdmfWriter (Failed)
C_CTestXdmfAggregate (Failed)
Cxx_TestXdmfAggregate (Failed)
Cxx_TestXdmfFunction (Failed) new fail

xml file for aggregate is no different, but reading
balks at lack of "Content" the other way around
parent e721d8d6
......@@ -215,6 +215,27 @@ public:
if (mItemFactory->isArrayTag((char *)currNode->name)) {
while(childNode != NULL) {
if(childNode->type == XML_TEXT_NODE && childNode->content) {
#if 1 //ARL's side
const char * content = (char*)childNode->content;
// Determine if content is whitespace
bool whitespace = true;
const char * contentPtr = content;
// Step through to end of pointer
while(contentPtr != NULL) {
// If not a whitespace character, break
if(!isspace(*contentPtr++)) {
whitespace = false;
if(!whitespace) {
itemProperties.insert(std::make_pair("Content", content));
itemProperties.insert(std::make_pair("XMLDir", mXMLDir));
#else //VTK's side, breaks XDMF's tests, revisit if problematic in VTK
std::string content((char *)childNode->content);
......@@ -223,6 +244,7 @@ public:
itemProperties.insert(std::make_pair("XMLDir", mXMLDir));
childNode = childNode->next;
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