Commit 1c814a2d authored by Kenneth Leiter's avatar Kenneth Leiter
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BUG: Fix bug that returned wrong dimensions when array pointer is held

by XdmfArray.
parent 5aa71a64
......@@ -452,13 +452,12 @@ XdmfArray::getDimensions() const
if(mHaveArray) {
if(mDimensions.size() == 0) {
const unsigned int size = boost::apply_visitor(Size(), mArray);
std::vector<unsigned int> toReturn(1, size);
return toReturn;
return std::vector<unsigned int>(1, size);
return mDimensions;
else if(mHaveArrayPointer) {
return std::vector<unsigned int>(1, mArrayPointerNumValues);
else if(mHeavyDataController) {
return mHeavyDataController->getDimensions();
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