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    • Ken Martin's avatar
      Add some support for volume rendering oriented volumes · 19883824
      Ken Martin authored
      This topic reqorks a number of areas to support oriented
      volumes in volume rendering. It also changes some code
      that computed the near view plane manually to instead
      use the plane defined by the camera. which hopefully
      will address some cave rendering issues in addition to
      being a bit more correct.
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    • Ken Martin's avatar
      use shared noise texture and cleanup tests · 5e629b86
      Ken Martin authored
      Now when jittering is on it uses a shared noise texture
      from the renderwindow for all mappers and is 64x64 in size.
      This cleans up a lot of code and has a smaller memory footprint
      A bunch of tests included OpenGL2 headers when they didn't
      need to, so fixed those.
      Other tests need OpenGL2 but are in RenderingVolume so moved
      them into RenderingVolumeOpenGL2 where they should be.
  20. 29 May, 2018 1 commit
    • Allison Vacanti's avatar
      Fix volume clip bug and add regression test. · 5c6bde06
      Allison Vacanti authored
      When clipping a volume using in-shader clipping planes, it was possible
      for the starting point of the ray cast to lie beyond the data volume.
      The raycast code is written such that the first sample is always taken
      before testing termination criteria, and in these cases we would always
      take a single sample outside of the volume, leading to artifacts.
      Fixed this behavior by checking that the starting position calculated
      by AdjustSampleRangeForClipping is indeed inside of the volume bounds and
      aborting the raycast if it is not.
      The existing TestGPURayCastClipping test would have caught this, except
      that the vase.vti volume used for testing has all 0's at the boundaries,
      so the rendering was correct even with the edge-clamp repetition outside
      of the volume (the faulty samples always computed RGBA=vec4(0)). I
      replaced the vase.vti of this test with a wavelet with finite boundary
      values that will catch this problem if there's a regression.
  21. 18 May, 2018 1 commit
    • Kitware Robot's avatar
      ExternalData: Convert content links from MD5 to SHA512 · d6d05b2a
      Kitware Robot authored
      Populate a script with `map_<md5>=<sha512>` variable settings and
      then run the following to convert the content link files:
          git ls-files -- '*.md5' | while read f; do
            md5="$(cat "$f")"
            sha512="$(eval echo \${map_$md5})"
            rm "$f"
            echo $sha512 > ${f%.md5}.sha512
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    • Allison Vacanti's avatar
      Update baseline. · 93fb3d57
      Allison Vacanti authored
    • Allison Vacanti's avatar
      Ensure that the dual depth peeling algorithm samples consistently. · 410f9799
      Allison Vacanti authored
      We were starting/stopping ray casts at the exact locations prescribed
      by the depth values and fragment coordinates, but this caused sampling
      This patch ensures that all sampling is performed at locations that
      are an integer multiple of the step distance from the entry point.
    • Allison Vacanti's avatar
      Refactor in-shader volume clipping to be depth-peeling-friendly. · f1442053
      Allison Vacanti authored
      Refactor the volume clipping code so that it is compatible with the
      volume peeling implementation in vtkDualDepthPeelingPass. At a high
      level, the new version adjusts the sampling ray so that it won't sample
      clipped areas, rather than check for clipping at each sample location.
      This should give better performance (less work during casting) and
      allows the clip calculations to be aware of the depth-peeling sample
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  30. 28 Feb, 2018 1 commit
    • Ken Martin's avatar
      update glsl code to 140 standards · 3c999de5
      Ken Martin authored
      While maintaining backwards compatibility at least
      update our code to use the more modern in/out
      qualifiers as opposed to attribute/varying  Also
      remove old glsl 120 if statements as we no longer support
      it and also remove a performance issue in querying the
      gl major minor version on every shader test.
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