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      Initial ADIOS readers and writers · 4eb181fc
      Chuck Atkins authored
      This is a first pass at readers and writers using the ADIOS library.  It
      currently supports writing vtkUnstructuredGrid, vtkImageData, and
      vtkPolyData.  The same types are supported for reading into a
      vtkMultiPiece dataset. Requires ADIOS version >= 1.7.0.
      Currently known issues to be addressed in further branches:
      - FindADIOS.cmake was taked directly from the ADIOS source and needs some work
      - Setting the writer to WriteMode = OnChange produces output not compatible
        with the reader
      - All pieces must currently have the same type of data
      - Reader will read all arrays, no way to currently select which arrays to read
      - Additional VTK datatypes to be supported
      Change-Id: Ib5603d1708a59df923267990ebccc65299fbb6e4