1. 25 Feb, 2016 1 commit
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      Move re-indentation utility to the Maintenance dir. · 6f62b2d5
      David Gobbi authored
      This is a python script that changes the Whitesmiths indentation
      style to the Allman indentation style that is currently more popular.
      This script will only change the brace indentation, it will not change
      the code in any other way, so "git blame" results will be mostly
      unchanged after re-styling.
  2. 20 Feb, 2016 1 commit
  3. 03 Feb, 2016 2 commits
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      reduce opengl2 module dependencies · 480822bf
      Ken Martin authored
      Reduce opengl2 dependencies in two ways
      first move a class that renderingcore depends on from
      filterExtraction to FiltersGeneral. FiltersExtraction pulls
      in a lot of other modules where FiltersGeneral does not.
      FiltersExtraction already depends on filtersGeneral so it
      should be backwards compatible.
      The second change is a new feature to allow a back implementation
      to be required or not. In this case gl2ps was originally required
      by OpenGl2 now it is optional. This required adding an option to
      the module code to specify when a backend implementation is required.
  4. 28 Jan, 2016 1 commit
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  6. 21 Dec, 2015 1 commit
  7. 17 Dec, 2015 2 commits
  8. 14 Dec, 2015 2 commits
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      Add `vtkkwiml` module to provide external KWIML library · 921eb2b2
      Brad King authored
      Add a module to provide the Kitware Information Macro Library (KWIML).
      For now always use a bundled copy of the KWIML source.  An option to
      use a system-installed KWIML can be added later.
      KWIML provides macros for information about fundamental types
      (existence, size, signedness, format macros, etc.) without using any
      try_compile tests.  VTK will be able to use these macros to enable
      multi-architecture builds on some platforms.  We should also be able to
      eliminate some try_compile tests to speed up initial configuration.
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      Add script to import KWIML library source code · e4c0bcf1
      Brad King authored
  9. 10 Dec, 2015 2 commits
  10. 09 Dec, 2015 2 commits
  11. 08 Dec, 2015 1 commit
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      EncodeString: Never build a launcher for this executable · f7bcf8f3
      Brad King authored
      The dependency on `vtksys` dropped by commit 708c3a5c (EncodeString:
      Compile independently from other VTK modules, 2015-12-04), was still
      needed to support `VTK_BUILD_FORWARDING_EXECUTABLES`.  However, we do
      not actually need to build a launcher for `vtkEncodeString` because it
      does not link to anything.
  12. 07 Dec, 2015 2 commits
  13. 03 Dec, 2015 3 commits
  14. 01 Dec, 2015 1 commit
    • Mathieu Westphal's avatar
      Adding a NoRelease Option to GilEnsrurer and use it · 7c8572e0
      Mathieu Westphal authored
      Some python calls take care of realeasing gil (eg. Py_Finalize), some when using gilEnsurer before this call, it is needed to only Ensure gil without releasing when going out of scope, has it has already been released. If not python will output a warning.
      So a noRelease parameter have been added to gilEnsurer and this parameter have been used where it was necessary.
  15. 27 Nov, 2015 1 commit
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  21. 07 Oct, 2015 3 commits
    • Ben Boeckel's avatar
      headers: remove RCS replacement tags · 537eaa09
      Ben Boeckel authored
    • David Gobbi's avatar
      Remove Python version from vtkPythonConfigure.h. · 7d78e329
      David Gobbi authored
      This is no longer needed, and is needlessly restrictive.
      It's best to have a header that can be used by multiple
      versions of python.
    • Max Smolens's avatar
      Fix HAVE_ROUND-related build warnings in Visual Studio 2013 · 96ca3e6f
      Max Smolens authored
      When built with certain versions of Python, a VTK build with
      VTK_WRAP_PYTHON enabled results in many build warnings. For example:
      Python 2.7.10:
          c:\python27\include\pyconfig.h(444): warning C4005: 'HAVE_ROUND' : macro redefinition
                    C:\dev\VTK\Utilities\Python\vtkPython.h(77) : see previous definition of 'HAVE_ROUND'
      This warning occurs because both vtkPython.h and Python.h define the
      HAVE_ROUND macro, but the definitions don't match. Python 2.7.9+ and
      Python 3.4.2+ define HAVE_ROUND when compiling with Visual Studio 2013+
      (see http://bugs.python.org/issue21958).
      Python 3.4.1:
          c:\python34\include\pymath.h(22): warning C4273: 'round' : inconsistent dll linkage
                    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\VC\include\math.h(516) : see previous definition of 'round'
          C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\VC\include\xtgmath.h(206): warning C4273: 'round' : inconsistent dll linkage
                    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\VC\include\math.h(516) : see previous definition of 'round'
      This warning occurs because neither Python.h nor vtkPython.h define HAVE_ROUND.
      This commit removes the build warnings by:
      - changing the HAVE_ROUND macro definition to match Python's definition
      - removing the Python version check
  22. 06 Oct, 2015 1 commit
  23. 04 Oct, 2015 7 commits