Commit 4e9bcb6b authored by David C. Lonie's avatar David C. Lonie

Fix typo in vtkMPIImageReader.

Number of values should be (numComps * numTuples), not
(numComps + numTuples).

Fixes paraview/paraview#16876.
parent 279ff7cd
Pipeline #24903 passed with stage
......@@ -432,7 +432,7 @@ void vtkMPIImageReader::ExecuteDataWithInformation(vtkDataObject *output,
vtkDataArray *outputDataArray = data->GetPointData()->GetScalars();
vtkIdType numValues = ( outputDataArray->GetNumberOfComponents()
+ outputDataArray->GetNumberOfTuples() );
* outputDataArray->GetNumberOfTuples() );
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