Commit 33506705 authored by Robert Maynard's avatar Robert Maynard

Enable CMP0063 as it is needed to properly build in kit mode

Kit mode will build vtk as object libraries, which need to be passed
the correct visibility properties. Because of this, we need to make
sure to only use visibility properties when we have CMake 3.3+
parent 9920f1ad
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......@@ -710,8 +710,9 @@ VTK_AUTOINIT(${vtk-module})
# mismatched visibility warnings when building statically since not all
# libraries that VTK builds don't set visibility flags. Until we get a
# time to do that, we skip visibility flags for static libraries.
#CMake 3.0 deprecates add_compiler_export_flags
#CMake 3.3 deprecates add_compiler_export_flags and also has policy
#CMP0063 which properly propagates visibility flags to OBJECT libs
set_property(TARGET ${vtk-module}${target_suffix} APPEND
PROPERTY COMPILE_FLAGS "${my_abi_flags}")
......@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@ foreach(p
CMP0025 # CMake 3.0
CMP0053 # CMake 3.1
CMP0054 # CMake 3.1
CMP0063 # CMake 3.3
if(POLICY ${p})
cmake_policy(SET ${p} NEW)
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