Commit 00437a29 authored by Andrew Maclean's avatar Andrew Maclean

Remove a deprecated function from vtkParametricRandomHills.

The function: `void GenerateTheHills(void);` was deprecated in VTK 6.2.
parent 84d51887
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......@@ -257,14 +257,6 @@ void vtkParametricRandomHills::CopyParameters()
this->previousAllowRandomGeneration = this->AllowRandomGeneration;
void vtkParametricRandomHills::GenerateTheHills()
VTK_LEGACY_BODY(vtkParametricRandomHills::GenerateTheHills, "VTK 6.2");
void vtkParametricRandomHills::PrintSelf(ostream& os, vtkIndent indent)
......@@ -131,14 +131,6 @@ public:
// Description:
// Generate the centers of the hills, their standard deviations and
// their amplitudes. This function creates a series of vectors representing
// the u, v coordinates of each hill, its variance in the u, v directions and
// the amplitude.
// \deprecated 6.2 This function is no longer needed.
VTK_LEGACY(void GenerateTheHills(void));
// Description:
// Construct a terrain consisting of hills on a surface.
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