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    Rework the CompositePolyDataMapper2 · 7912d340
    Ken Martin authored
    The old approach used a fast path for a very narrow set of
    conditions and then used a slow path for everything else.
    This approach required two sets of code,
    - GenericCompositePolydataMapper2
    - CompositePolyDataMapper2
    and had performance issues as the slow path was slower
    than OpenGL1 for some cases. This reworking consolidates
    the two approach together. The basic approach is that
    all blocks with the same VBO structure get grouped together
    and rendered as one. The number of different VBO structures is
    small so this results in a a small number of things to render.
    Each of those things (handled with a Helper class) gets rendered
    using its own VBO and IBOs with special code to handle the cases
    where uniforms have to be changed between blocks etc.
    The results are generally much faster. Some additional
    optimizations have resulted in further performance improvements.
    Generally this new class is as fast as the old fast path and
    tens to hundreds of times faster for the slow path.
    This class is still complex and could probably be reworked
    another three times. The complexity is largly driven by
    how complex the task is as each block can have different
    primitives, point/cell data arrays, etc.
    This topic adds four more tests for this class. As this
    class is the workhourse for ParaView it really needs far
    more testing in VTK. The three additional tests cover
    some use cases I know tend to cause issues.
    At the same time this topic changes how point picking is
    done to prevent some bad behavior. The old approach
    rendered surfaces for all passes up to the primId pass.
    The problem with that is that the point pass rendering may
    not match up with the surface rendering resulting in point
    Ids associated with incoreect composite/prop/process ids.
    It mixes two sets of data haphazzardly. Very bad. This
    topic cuases all point selection to be done by rendering
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