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    Cleaning python testing macros. · 44c7f0b8
    Utkarsh Ayachit authored
    When attemping to add tests using vtk_add_test_python_mpi(), issues were
    spotted in the vtkTestingMacros code. This commit addresses those
    VTK_PYTHON_EXE is no longer globally defined in CMakeLists.txt.
    vtk_add_test_python_mpi() and vtk_add_test_python() assume a good
    default is none is set (this allows for applications like ParaView to
    use these macros while overriding the executable to run).
    We use generator expressions to point to the default
    vtkpython/pvtkpython executables which works better when MPI
    (mpiexec/mpirun) is being used to launch the test executable.
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