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    Fix vtkiOS framework creation · 38abf751
    Alexis Girault authored
    1) Fix #16969 by using GL_UNPACK_IMAGE_HEIGHT instead of the extension
    in vtkVolumeTexture
    2) Remove duplicates from architecture list
    3) Ensure we have at least one architecture to compile for
    4) Add missing modules to toolchain: vtkIOXML & vtkRenderingVolumeOpenGL2
    5) Add additional module for LOD actors:vtkRenderingLOD
    6) Correct check to set VTK_RENDERING_BACKEND to OpenGL2
    7) Do not cross-compile for simulators if none are defined
    8) Get rid of VTK_DEVICE_LIBS and VTK_SIMULATOR_LIBS to directly populate
    VTK_GLOB_LIBS based on what libraries are being built
    9) Replace VTK_DEVICE_DEPENDS by IOS_ARCHITECTURES and populate based on
    what libraries are being built
    10) Replace hardcoded vtk-ios-device-arm64 by first ios architecture in the
    architecture list to copy existing headers
    11) Use list instead of set when possible (not for files in VTK_GLOB_LIBS
    since items should not be separated by ; to run the GLOB)
    12) Correct comments in MakeFramework.cmake.in