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    Refactoring CMake code for Python modules. · dc8280bd
    Utkarsh Ayachit authored
    Adding some infrastructure to properly handle vtk-modules that are
    simply Python packages or modules.
    This change adds API in vtkModuleMacrosPython to manage all the building
    and installing of Python modules and packages minimizing the confusion.
    Past attempts fix six.py, vtk/web etc. failed to distinguish cleanly
    between a Python package and a module which was resulting in directories
    being "unwrapped" on install (e.g. with autobahn) or py files getting
    put in subdirectories (six.py).
    This also manages installing on "vtk/web" package under the "vtk"
    package cleanly. For that we needed to move the *.py files in Web/Python
    into a subdirectory reflecting the targetting package structure.
    Change-Id: Ic251c34418b07838e5bb483c2b02b12004f17632
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