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    Cleanup building of static modules for Python. · dd2c9df0
    Utkarsh Ayachit authored
    This commit lays the ground work to enable building of python modules for static
    VTK builds. This cleans up the code that creates the header file with the list
    of modules to be initialized.
    vtkpython now can be built even when BUILD_SHARED_LIBS is OFF. It statically
    initializes the python wrapped modules.
    Macros to add python modules or generate initialization header file have been
    removed from FindPythonLibs.cmake (and should be deprecated from CMake as well).
    Instead new VTK-specific macros are now added to vtkPythonWrapping.cmake that
    use the information provided by the VTK-modules API to generate the
    initialization header when bulding statically.
    Change-Id: Icca5ccd34397f264dadfe00213501cd4a0eea8b5
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