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Externally test VTK for wasm

This MR updates how the wasm tests are run in windows by reusing wasm static libs built on linux instead of compiling VTK again on windows.

  1. It adds cross-testing for WASM on Windows using the SDK from Linux builders and reverts a previous commit that removed WASM build and test jobs on the Windows platform.
  2. The reference to the Testing/WebAssembly/ script is updated to use VTK_SOURCE_DIR to ensure the correct top-level directory is used (earlier it was CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR).
  3. Additionally, it removes hard-coded paths for vtkWasmSceneManager.mjs to ensure correct path to those binaries are used when testing against an SDK install.
  4. Finally, it makes vtkEmscriptenTestUtilities.js available in SDK installs by installing the JavaScript helper library and ensuring it is correctly linked for both build and install interfaces.
Edited by Jaswant Panchumarti (Kitware)

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