1. 18 May, 2009 40 commits
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      COMP: Removing warnings. · fcfbdd62
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      ENH: More representation changes · 878197db
      Jeff Baumes authored
       - Removing vtkSelectionLink in favor of vtkAnnotationLink.
       - vtkAnnotationLayers now has a special "current" annotation.
         This annotation is used to store the current selection.
       - Updating lots of places that used the selection link to now
         use the annotation link.
       - Removing obsolete classes vtkGeoLineRepresentation (replaced by
         vtkRenderedSurfaceRepresentation) vtkTreeLayoutView (all functionality
         is in vtkGraphLayoutView) vtkSurfaceRepresentation (replaced by
       - The cache in the representation is now cleared when the ReleaseData
         flag is set in the pipeline.
       - Fixed warnings when selecting in empty graph view.
       - Fixed texture unit warnings in geoview.
       - Move selection type from view to representation.
       - Fixing geoview bug where nothing is rendered on the first render.
         We need to render once to initialize the graphics context, then
         'really' render the first time.
       - Need Render() to create render window in examples.
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      STYLE: Nightly Date Stamp · 5e2ac2e6
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