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    • Karthik Krishnan's avatar
      Merge topic 'ExtractPolygonalMeshViaInteractiveDraw-feature' · e18c86c4
      Karthik Krishnan authored and Kitware Robot's avatar Kitware Robot committed
      8db52c6d This feature allows one to draw contours on meshes and extract inside
    • Karthik Krishnan's avatar
      This feature allows one to draw contours on meshes and extract inside · 8db52c6d
      Karthik Krishnan authored
      We update the connectivity filter to be able to extract a visited
      points IdList. These may be traversed later to update point data
      on the original mesh. Without this info, the connectivity filter
      successfully extracts regions inside, however one loses the association
      to the original mesh if one does not have a visited point id map.
      The second feature adds a SnapToClosestPoint feature to the
      vtkPolygonalSurfacePointPlacer. This is useful when
      drawing contours along the edges of a surface mesh.
    • Brad King's avatar
      KWSys: Address Intel compiler remarks · 95242e22
      Brad King authored
       remark #181: argument is incompatible with corresponding format
        string conversion
       remark #193: zero used for undefined preprocessing identifier "_WIN32"
       warning #177: variable "Regebx" was declared but never referenced
       remark #444: destructor for base class "std::vector<char*>" is not virtual
        class kwsysDeletingCharVector : private kwsys_stl::vector<char*>
      Author: Hans Johnson <>
      Change-Id: Ibc899c3ba14990158ef7bbabace4b435b22495c3