1. 20 Aug, 2012 6 commits
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      Color swatches for categorical scalar bar. · e7f4e894
      David Thompson authored
      When a `vtkLookupTable` with `IndexedLookup` set to true
      is passed to `vtkScalarBarActor`, the scalar bar is not drawn.
      Instead, a set of distinct color swatches is rendered -- one
      for each annotated value stored in the lookup table.
      The labels stored with each annotation are not yet rendered.
      Change-Id: I3849e5bf99a58ae8884f4061336545781f7b3c65
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      Make annotation API more consistent. · dd7fe488
      David Thompson authored
      + Make `GetIndex()` work consistently whether `IndexedLookup`
        is true or false.
      + Make `GetIndex()` and `MapValue()` properly handle NaN values
        when `IndexedLookup` is false.
      + Return a `vtkIdType` for the number of annotated values.
        (The previous `vtkVariant` was a cut-and-paste error.)
      Change-Id: I4586ab117200cca73b021ce0d01782a7da958b45
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      Clarify documentation before changes. · 43560e39
      David Thompson authored
      Before we add user-specified annotation, make it clear
      that the pre-existing text annotations were all tick marks.
      Change-Id: I5ec62932e2768255a8149f725561efe39cbf1baf
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      Test categorical color lookup and Brewer colors. · 1a837f71
      David Thompson authored
      Change-Id: I920bf7f495b25fdb7cde1743db7965ce73885698
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      Color mapping using only annotated values. · ee78433e
      David Thompson authored
      This patch implements an "indexed" color mode for `vtkLookupTable`.
      When `IndexedLookup` is true, the scalar range and log/linear settings are disabled;
      `MapScalars` and `MapValue` require an exact match to an annotated value
      in order to return a valid color.
      All other values are mapped to `NanColor`.
      Change-Id: I9805ab6b4398db479c0ae6b0d239886850c2e187
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      Add categorical data to vtkLookupTable. · 649a62b1
      David Thompson authored
      Change-Id: I123e0eb3833a8c5dd5d1c399e70ecffe8ba7ec5c
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