1. 06 May, 2016 1 commit
    • David C. Lonie's avatar
      Replace SafeDownCast calls on arrays with vtkArrayDownCast. · 0d71a308
      David C. Lonie authored
      SafeDownCast performs a series of virtual calls and string comparisons,
      which is quite slow, especially when used in worker functions.
      vtkArrayDownCast will switch between SafeDownCast and the more
      efficient FastDownCast (only available for common vtkAbstractArray
      subclasses) depending on whether or not FastDownCast is defined for
      the specific array type.
  2. 08 Mar, 2016 1 commit
  3. 03 Mar, 2016 1 commit
    • David C. Lonie's avatar
      Refactor data array APIs. · 893fb6ed
      David C. Lonie authored
      vtkDataArray subclasses now use
      ComponentValue --> TypedComponent
      TupleValue --> TypedValue
      for their type-specific methods.
      # Conflicts:
      #	Rendering/Annotation/vtkScalarBarActor.cxx
  4. 07 Oct, 2015 1 commit
  5. 20 Aug, 2015 1 commit
    • Brad King's avatar
      ENH: Remove use of include <vtksys/ios/*> and vtksys_ios::* · 3ae7dd3a
      Brad King authored
      We no longer need this compatibility layer for the compilers we support.
      Use the following commands to switch to standard header and namespace:
       git grep -l vtksys/ios/ | xargs sed -i 's|vtksys/ios/||'
       git grep -l vtksys_ios | xargs sed -i 's|vtksys_ios|std|g'
  6. 22 Jul, 2015 1 commit
    • Bill Lorensen's avatar
      STYLE: Replace vtksys_stl and vtksys_ios:: with std:: · 924248d9
      Bill Lorensen authored
      In the early days of VTK, support for stl was not portable. vtksys_stl
      and vtksys_ios provided a portable implementation of the stl. Now, all
      of the VTK supported compilers have portable stl implementations.
      This patch:
        1) Replaces the vtksys_ios:: with std::.
        2) Replaces the vtksys_stl:: with std::.
        3) Removes "using" statements for stl
  7. 03 Nov, 2014 1 commit
  8. 28 Dec, 2013 1 commit
  9. 11 Jun, 2013 1 commit
  10. 26 Sep, 2012 4 commits
    • Utkarsh Ayachit's avatar
      Fixing build issues. · c43014cb
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      Change-Id: I493fd6a1f02ae7fb945469f44fb663e75ca5a468
    • Utkarsh Ayachit's avatar
      Fixed errors when data blocks are missing. · e6c73b61
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      AMR data may have empty blocks. vtkCompositeDataReader was raising errors when
      blocks were missing. Fixed that.
      Change-Id: Ie14115be9e6074d894f46e3e0a1ff82ce15f78fd
    • Yuanxin Liu's avatar
      Fix the reader/writer for amr. · 3555de58
      Yuanxin Liu authored
      -Enable some auditing code in the test
      -Fixes a spurious error in vtkAMRInformation::Audit()
      Change-Id: I4a3390978daed3bf5d62eee7c59902f302e7a20c
    • Utkarsh Ayachit's avatar
      Fixing AMR serializing. · d5d03e21
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      Fixing serialization code for vtkOverlappingAMR. Simplified the format a little
      to make it easier to read/write.
      Change-Id: I7389d5a91430705847004857fb14f637515dc488
  11. 06 Sep, 2012 1 commit
    • Yuanxin Liu's avatar
      Clean up amr data structure API · 8707ad9e
      Yuanxin Liu authored
      - Set spacing and AMRBox separately.
      - Expose APIs on vtkAMRInformation on vtkOverlappingAMR
      - Add printing and auditing routines for better debugging support
      - Fix bug in AMRSliceFilter and add test
      - Simplify vtkOverlappingAMR initialization
      - change vtkOverlappingAMR:SetGridSpacing to vtkOverlappingAMR:SetSpacing
      Change-Id: I4ea8497192bc8c0dcda3a5a3726051342a3d48f5
  12. 31 Aug, 2012 1 commit
    • Berk Geveci's avatar
      Moved readers and writers of the legacy VTK format to their own module. · 7f5f0bbc
      Berk Geveci authored
      The legacy readers and writers somehow ended up in the IO/Geometry
      module. I moved them to their own: IO/Legacy. I also cleaned
      up dependencies. Some writers somewhat incorrectly subclasses from
      the legacy writers even though they supported completely different formats.
      They did this to just use things like FileName.
      Change-Id: I603753bc7145b317bd71e7798cd2ea8a6c5c56c1
  13. 29 Aug, 2012 1 commit
    • Yuanxin Liu's avatar
      Fix amr data structure issues exposed paraview tests · e19a3128
      Yuanxin Liu authored
      - Change the way extents information are used from vtkAMRBox and
         vtkUniformGrid: They can be different if there is ghost data
      - Before, vtkUniformGrid::ShallowCopy and DeepCopy fail to copy
        bounding box information. Fixed now
      - Some API changes related to how spacing is set in vtkAMRInformation
      Change-Id: I3b4ad1403a1649585c2de24e48ca997eaa1381f7
  14. 24 Aug, 2012 1 commit
    • Yuanxin Liu's avatar
      AMR classes: major data structure changes · 8fc6cf25
      Yuanxin Liu authored
      The main motivation for the changes is to improve the efficiency
      of AMR data structures by replacing the data set containers and meta
      data representation with new data structures.
      First, the meta data associated with the AMR data is moved from
      vtkInformation to a new class vtkAMRInformation so that they do not
      have to be deep copied. Related changes also include:
      - Before, when the LOAD_REQUESTED_BLOCKS() key is not set, the reader
        would recompute AMR meta data based on the requested blocks.  This
        is no longer done: meta data always represents what is on file.
        The reason is to avoid the sensitive meta data computation that
        depends on connectivitiy of the requested blocks.
      - Processor ranks are no longer stored in the meta data. Filters
        can easily generate them by using
      - There used to be two types of 1D indices used to reference blocks in
        an AMR: vtkOverlappingAMR::GetFlatIndex and
        vtkOverlappingAMR::GetCompositeIndex. Now only the latter is used.
        The "other" 1D index is file type specific so now only the readers
        reference them (vtkAMRInformation::GetAMRBlockSourceIndex())
      - To make it easy to traversal the bounding boxes in the meta data. A
        new key vtkObject::BOUNDING_BOX() has been added that works with
        vtkOverlappingAMRDataIterator. See its use in vtkCompositeCutter for
        an example.
      - In a multiprocess setting, vtkAMRSliceFilter for each process computes
        the complete meta data to avoid communication
      - Many functions in vtkAMRUtilities are removed because they provide
        support for computing meta data from data sets. In the new design,
        meta information is always created before data sets are constructed.
      Second, VtkUniformGridAMR now use a more compact representation of the grid
      blocks than the tree implementation done previously. To facilicate
      this, vtkCompositeDataSet now becomes a fully abstract class and all
      concrete implementation gest pushed to the class vtkDataObjectTree.
      In the new implementation, the non-null blocks are stored in an stl
      vector. So traversing them (using vtkUniformGridAMRDataIterator) is
      - The AMRBox has been reduced to store only the lower and upper
        corners.  Information such as origin and spacing are moved to the
        container class vtkAMRInformation, since they are often common to
        all boxes or boxes on the same level.
      - File reoganization: - AMR File readers are moved from Filters/AMR to
        IO/AMR - AMR algorithms (vtk*AMR*Algorithm) are moved from
        Filters/General to Common/ExecutionModel
      Finally, tkAMRVolumeWrapper is moved from filters to rendering.
      The dependency on vtkAMRResampler and vtkParallelCore makes it
      difficult for it go to Rendering/Volume so a new module
      Rendering/VolumeAMR is created.
      Change-Id: Id73d214e6a5ac4d4a08fde5d979365f46edfa390
  15. 21 May, 2012 1 commit
    • Utkarsh Ayachit's avatar
      Added support for reading/writing Overlapping AMR. · d40d595d
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      Added support to read/write Overlapping AMR to the legacy readers and writers.
      This makes it possible for ParaView to deliver AMR datasets to the client for
      Change-Id: I033ccd1399b687de6f8a1145cd8b18397119eb58
  16. 09 Apr, 2012 1 commit
    • VTK Developers's avatar
      Modularize VTK tree layout · cdd4d6fd
      VTK Developers authored
      Move source files from their former monolithic VTK location to their new
      location in modular VTK without modification.  This preserves enough
      information for "git blame -M" and "git log --follow" to connect
      modularized VTK files to their original location and history.
      Co-Author: Marcus D. Hanwell <marcus.hanwell@kitware.com>
      Co-Author: Chris Harris <chris.harris@kitware.com>
      Co-Author: Brad King <brad.king@kitware.com>
      Co-Author: Nikhil Shetty <nikhil.shetty@kitware.com>
  17. 19 Sep, 2011 1 commit
    • Berk Geveci's avatar
      Replace SetInput etc. with SetInputData etc. · 4ea36770
      Berk Geveci authored
      Since the behaviour of SetInput changed - it no
      longer connects the pipeline but sets up the data
      object as the input -, it was decided to rename
      it to SetInputData. This includes similar methods
      such as AddInputData. This commit makes on
      sweeping change that compiles.
  18. 31 Aug, 2010 3 commits