1. 19 Sep, 2016 1 commit
  2. 07 Sep, 2016 1 commit
  3. 30 Aug, 2016 4 commits
    • Carson Brownlee's avatar
      Reparent OSPVolumeMapper and improve layering · 635978d5
      Carson Brownlee authored
      OSPVolMapper is now a vtkVolumeMapper instead of a vtkObject
      moved max depth raster to support intermixed GL and OSPVol back to renderer
      optimizations to not compute or otherwise cache internal objects
      Note: MAX_FRAMES is now ignored, conflicted with optimizations, and
      its result was not different frame SAMPLES_PER_PIXEL.
    • David DeMarle's avatar
      misc cleanup and fix ospray layers · 819513a5
      David DeMarle authored
      fix comp errors and warnings
      fix header style test and remove remaining leak check includes
      fix ospray layers
        not sure if this is the way API but it fixes the ospraylayers test and
      still lets the ospraysmartvolume (gl intermixed with osp volmapper) work
    • David DeMarle's avatar
      miscellaneous fixes and cleanup and flesh out standalone ospvolmap · 8309ef01
      David DeMarle authored
      was still using opengl volume renderer, not ospray
      now the smart volume mapper test no longer hangs
      plug memory leaks and style issues
      deletes for every new in the volume renderer
      remove dead code (including the disabled temporal cache)
      vtk style, alphabetize lists, this->, 80 chars, CapsIvars, etc
      flesh out the ospray standalone volume mapper
      only the standalone mapper gives the z buffer to ospray. then
      the volume terminates before the surfaces start. later it alpha blends
      the results onto the color buffer.
      the internal ospray volume mapper doesn't need to do anything special
      since ospray already has the depths from the surfaces it rendered.
      wip because this is slow and hacked together and the opengl linking
      changed but we are not actually using it yet.
      adjust test to work with GL1 too
    • Carson Brownlee's avatar
      Adding in OSPRay Volume Rendering Paths · 931f8bc7
      Carson Brownlee authored
      adding scenegraph nodes
      adding volume nodes
      updating cmake for ospray
      volume now called.  fixing bulid issue with latest devel
      updating volume to not crash
      removing absolute paths from ospray cmake config
      Beware, I live
      added to smartvolumemapper
      Added GPURayCast tests for OSPRay volume rendering.
      updating renderer fb
      merge in testing
      fixing volume resizing issue
      reomving debug output
      Added volumePolyData test.
      Fixed some tests. OSPray requires vtkProperty (transfer function) to be initialized in 'primitive' geometry objects, otherwise it throws an error.
      fixing transfer function crash
      Revert "fixing transfer function crash"
      This reverts commit 4d070569.
      debugging volume
      adding scaling for volumes
      Style issues
      revert the preserve ospframebuffer commit to restore DMP parallel
      revert changed to Common/Core/Testing and Freetype.
      revert lingering debugfs
      remove #ifOUT code and add exception to multiinclude to for header test
      remove commented out code, remove eol space, indented braces for all conditional