1. 08 Mar, 2016 29 commits
  2. 08 Oct, 2012 29 commits
    • Zack Galbreath's avatar
      refactor vtkChartXYZ · 7ef9d7a4
      Zack Galbreath authored
      It now follows the API of the 2D charts more closely.  vtkChartXYZ is
      responsible for the axes, while the subclasses of vtkPlot3D handle
      displaying the actual data.  As part of this effort, I've included
      optional interactivity into vtkChartXYZ.  This eliminates the need for a
      separate vtkInteractiveChartXYZ class.
      This change also introduces new functionality.  vtkPlotSurface allows us
      to visualize a table as a 3D surface plot.
      I've updated vtkScatterPlotMatrix so that it correctly uses the new API
      of vtkChartXYZ for animation.
      All affected tests were updated as well.
      Change-Id: Ic8406c99758a98851949c6153129f7704784e31a
  3. 31 May, 2012 29 commits
  4. 30 Apr, 2012 29 commits
  5. 09 Apr, 2012 29 commits
    • VTK Developers's avatar
      Modularize VTK tree layout · cdd4d6fd
      VTK Developers authored
      Move source files from their former monolithic VTK location to their new
      location in modular VTK without modification.  This preserves enough
      information for "git blame -M" and "git log --follow" to connect
      modularized VTK files to their original location and history.
      Co-Author: Marcus D. Hanwell <marcus.hanwell@kitware.com>
      Co-Author: Chris Harris <chris.harris@kitware.com>
      Co-Author: Brad King <brad.king@kitware.com>
      Co-Author: Nikhil Shetty <nikhil.shetty@kitware.com>
  6. 13 Oct, 2011 29 commits
  7. 03 Oct, 2011 29 commits
  8. 02 Oct, 2011 29 commits
    • Marcus D. Hanwell's avatar
      ENH: Added simple histograms to the matrix. · 549a4ed8
      Marcus D. Hanwell authored
      For now I am just calculating them quickly, using a simple algorithm. I
      still need to add some method of modifying the number of bins etc.
      Change-Id: I606088f1abe9b5bc368df9437420d6f757b69762
    • Marcus D. Hanwell's avatar
      ENH: Just fill the lower triangle with charts. · b025350e
      Marcus D. Hanwell authored
      Still need to get the histograms in the diagonal, and handle layout
      issues. Also handled the case where the input is being set to null. This
      may require some special handling to remove all charts.
      Change-Id: Ie5c71cd730fe7fe08432c0f861a35824a3d59f1b
  9. 01 Oct, 2011 29 commits
  10. 30 Sep, 2011 29 commits
    • Marcus D. Hanwell's avatar
      ENH: Added a new ChartMatrix class. · 6d38a728
      Marcus D. Hanwell authored
      This class provides a matrix of charts where the width and the height
      can be set. It takes care of instantiating the charts, and setting their
      size to occupy individual elements in the matrix.
      Change-Id: I9fa215c551a684ea2de1780b50e8e52c68c0b5c5
  11. 19 Sep, 2011 29 commits
    • Berk Geveci's avatar
      Replace SetInput etc. with SetInputData etc. · 4ea36770
      Berk Geveci authored
      Since the behaviour of SetInput changed - it no
      longer connects the pipeline but sets up the data
      object as the input -, it was decided to rename
      it to SetInputData. This includes similar methods
      such as AddInputData. This commit makes on
      sweeping change that compiles.
  12. 30 Jan, 2011 29 commits
  13. 26 Aug, 2010 29 commits
    • Marcus D. Hanwell's avatar
      ENH: Ensure Initialize() is called on interactors. · 963a79ce
      Marcus D. Hanwell authored
      Went through the tests and ensured that Initialize() was called for all
      tests (this is required according to the docs, and an interactive test
      can only be started on the Mac if this was called). Also ported a few
      more tests to use the testing interactor.
  14. 23 Aug, 2010 29 commits
  15. 22 Aug, 2010 29 commits
  16. 20 Aug, 2010 29 commits
  17. 13 Jul, 2010 29 commits
  18. 18 May, 2010 29 commits
  19. 03 May, 2010 29 commits
  20. 08 Mar, 2010 29 commits
  21. 03 Mar, 2010 29 commits
  22. 30 Dec, 2009 29 commits
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  25. 04 Dec, 2009 29 commits