1. 23 Feb, 2010 6 commits
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      ENH: Fixed BUG #3722. Added new "Edit | Find Data" dialog which allows the user · 68ef0f4a
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      to create a selection using a query dialog.
      ENH: Added support for extract threshold selection using a multicomponent array
      (we can pick the component or magnitude) or ids or global ids.
      ENH: Added new vtkQuerySelectionSource which allows creation of selection from a
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      ENH: Adding ability to remove from vtkGraph · e3f68465
      Jeff Baumes authored
      vtkMutableDirected/UndirectedGraph now have RemoveVertex,
      RemoveEdge functions. Each re-assigns (moves) the last item
      in place of the deleted item. RemoveVertices and RemoveEdges
      are also available for removing sets of vertices and edges.
      ENH: Adding vtkStreamGraph
      vtkStreamGraph continuously merges its input with an internal graph,
      and returns that internal graph.
      ENH: Adding remove capability to mutable graph helper.
      ENH: Adding capability to limit the number of edges in vtkMergeGraph and vtkStreamGraph.
      ENH: Adding fast b-spline option to vtkSplineGraphEdges.
      ENH: Adding capability for graph pipeline inside a vtkTreeAreaView to report progress from its internal filters.
      This required making a RegisterProgress() function on
      STYLE: Improving documentation for vtkMergeGraphs, vtkStreamGraph.
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      ENH: Added new marker styles to the line plot. · fa08fc9f
      Marcus Hanwell authored
      Use the context matrix, and push/pop rather than device. Added new
      marker styles to the line plots, required access to the transformation
      matrix in order to get the sizes right.
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      ENH: Allow the dijkstra interpolator to be used with other placers as well..... · b210b1af
      Karthik Krishnan authored
      ENH: Allow the dijkstra interpolator to be used with other placers as well.. (when a cost function image is set). The interpolator should really not have to depend on the placer, the conveniences should be handled as a special case.
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      KWSys Nightly Date Stamp · af7f2885
      Kitware Robot authored
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