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      ENH:Adding vtkTemporalStreamTracer. This class traces particles in unsteady... · ae2086fa
      John Biddiscombe authored
      ENH:Adding vtkTemporalStreamTracer. This class traces particles in unsteady vector fields over time. It uses the new Temporal capabilites of the pipeline to request multiple (2 using default interpolation method) time steps of data and interpolates the velocity field between them using RungeKutta (other can be specified) integrator. The TemporalInterpolatedVelocityField class is a helper which maintains internally 2 vtkInterpolatedVelocityField objects. The particle tracer still has a number of things unimplemented (interpolation of scalars, generation of vorticity etc). The class is placed in vtkParallel because when compiled with VTK_USE_MPI on, it will trace particles in Parallel using MPI to send them when they leave one domain and pass into another. When compiled without MPI the class will simply use a single processor (I did not want to break it into two or more classes as was done with vtkStream- vtkPStream- and vtkDistrbutedStream- Tracer classes).
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      COMP: Fix compiler warnings · 693fdedc
      Eric Stanton authored
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      ENH: Made GetParent() public. · 75f2f9ab
      Jeff Baumes authored
      BUG: Switched functionality of GetSourceVertex() and GetTargetVertex() so edges go from parent to child instead of vice versa.