1. 01 Dec, 2014 5 commits
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      Fix two previously undetected wrapper bugs. · 57b47954
      David Gobbi authored
      The vtkParseHierarchy class was not detecting enum types, and the
      vtkWrapPython_PythonicName code for converting mangled type names
      to pythonic names was not able to handle namespaces.
      Change-Id: If5c044eca741c12a387d150a764b65cf7085a4f9
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      Add an enum type to the python wrappers. · ba693ade
      David Gobbi authored
      Any enum types that are encountered will automatically be wrapped
      as integral types.  This is true for enum types defined in the global
      namespace, and enum types defined within a wrapped class.  Other
      namespaces are not yet supported, because the python wrappers do not
      yet wrap C++ namespaces.
      When a class method has an enum parameter, and if the enum is a member
      of the class, then that method will perform type checking on the enum.
      Class methods that require enums that are not members of the class will
      not be wrapped (in future versions of the wrappers, they might).
      Change-Id: If38391de8a1a66eb255ddf83a72916af6d81dc78
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      Wrap enum constant members for non-vtkObject types. · f642f513
      David Gobbi authored
      Change-Id: Id9b7b1659b07103ebb8dd80df02cccd56e5ab6a0
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      Refactor vtkWrapPython into smaller source files. · a73ab651
      David Gobbi authored
      Because several thousands lines of code is too much for one file.
      Change-Id: Ib3af0f2153fddc3f593fd90913bb3408944062f6
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      Merge topic 'volume_update_test' into master · 75c1a33e
      Aashish Chaudhary authored
      740f0188 Fix crash when running VolumeUpdate test
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