1. 11 Jan, 2016 3 commits
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      Merge branches 'deprecate-classes', 'zlib-soversion', 'unlink-agl',... · 4d6be94b
      Chuck Atkins authored
      Merge branches 'deprecate-classes', 'zlib-soversion', 'unlink-agl', 'osmesa_32', 'matrix-cleanup2', 'solveleastsquares-memory-leak', 'python3_vtk_qt_fixes', '15914-reslice-mapper', 'release_splat_memory', 'km_coverity1', 'fix-cxx11-cmake-warning', 'fix-for-special-chars-in-dir' and 'ios-9.2-vtk7' into release
      * deprecate-classes:
        Deprecating vtkVolumeRaycastMapper and vtkVolumeTextureMapper2D/3D.
      * zlib-soversion:
        zlib 2015-12-14 (751703ae)
        zlib: remove zlib1.rc from the list of used files.
        zlib 2015-12-09 (acc12639)
        ThirdParty: Improve update script default merge message behavior
        ThirdParty: Teach update script to find upstream hash in commit message
        ThirdParty: Teach update script to store upstream hash in commit message
        metaio 2015-11-23 (4c85a18e)
        jsoncpp 2015-10-01 (eb1ddde0)
        png 2015-12-07 (63adbb10)
        zlib 2015-11-18 (0abb295c)
      * unlink-agl:
        Remove AGL.framework from OS X OPENGL_LIBRARIES.
      * osmesa_32:
        get a 3.2 context from OS mesa using new funcs
      * matrix-cleanup2:
        Change deprecation warning to "VTK 7.0".
        Synchronize vtkMatrix3x3 with vtkMatrix4x4.
        Remove warning about deprecated method usage.
        Eliminate C-style casts from vtkMatrix4x4.
        Rename Element parameter to element.
        Mark legacy methods as "legacy".
        Remove the legacy BTX/ETX markers.
        Move some comments so they become visible to doxygen.
      * solveleastsquares-memory-leak:
        Fix memory leak in vtkMath::SolveLeastSquares.
      * python3_vtk_qt_fixes:
        Fixes QTVTKRenderWindowInteractor for python3
      * 15914-reslice-mapper:
        BUG 15914: Fix corrupt image from vtkImageResliceMapper
      * release_splat_memory:
        Free up memory in the point gaussian
      * km_coverity1:
        Fix some coverity issues
      * fix-cxx11-cmake-warning:
        fix a cmake warning for users of VTK
      * fix-for-special-chars-in-dir:
        Fix CMake error if in directory with ++ in name.
      * ios-9.2-vtk7:
        ios: fix newline-at-end-of-file
        update for newer versions of iOS
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      ios: fix newline-at-end-of-file · 60d6c9ac
      Ben Boeckel authored
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      update for newer versions of iOS · 6b7e888a
      Ken Martin authored and Ben Boeckel's avatar Ben Boeckel committed
      stick in a few more versions of iOS
      (cherry picked from commit 7a7eb4e1)
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