1. 10 Mar, 2015 1 commit
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      A number of transparency related issues fixed · 944ee020
      Ken Martin authored
      A few good fixes in here that are all related. The biggest is a
      fix to OpenGLActor to use the more comprehensive GetIsOpaque
      method in determining if an actor is opaque. The old code only
      looked at the property's opacity. This is why you would see folks
      setting somethings opacity to 0.99 to get it treated as translucent
      because the actor code wasn't handling it correctly. This change
      resulted in 3 new valid images for tests that were rendering
      translucent items as if they were opaque. I removed these tests
      from the old backend as I did not want to change the behavior
      for that backend.
      Next up is depth peeling. OpenGL2 depth peeling would render
      a number of peels up to the limit and then just stop. Any geometry
      left between the opaque layer and the last translucent layer was
      just thrown out.  This created very noticable artifacts and was bad.
      This change makes it so that when it gets to the last pass, it will
      render all remaining geometry using alpha blending. This is much
      better. Fix example if you get the limit to 20 layers and 20 was
      not enough to render all the geometry, this change renders 19
      layers using depth peeling, then in the 20th render it would add
      in all the remaining geometry as last layer. That last layer may
      have overlapping geometry which is rendered using alpha blending.
      Finally some changes to the PointGaussianMapper. It turns out that
      the point gaussian mapper is an translucent mapper which means it
      needs the first change, and it is a very tough case for depth peeling
      resulting in the second change. While at it I modified this mapper
      to render far fewer fragments, resulting is far fewer overlapping
      layers and fewer artifacts. Really when using PointGaussian you
      should turn off depthpeeling as it is not needed and actually makes
      it worse, but these changes will make it better if you happen to have
      it on.  Also cleaned up the mapper so that the radius is equal to
      the standard devisation of the gaussian, previously it was four
      standard deviations.
      Change-Id: I62d90b6e424ac0e939033387ed10ba8caac66095
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      Small fixes to allow empty cells. · ce953409
      Joachim Pouderoux authored
      Add a fix for vtkXMLUnstucturedDatReader to read empty cells.
      Also fix vtkTriangleFilter to skip empty polygons.
      Change-Id: I8f979a8369d54673ca03143f80935b29815095da
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      Add two valid images · 38ca2cb7
      Ken Martin authored
      These are valid images that match existing valid images
      the only difference is the existing ones were rendered with
      antialiasing on and these have it off.
      Change-Id: I024f2a35e70eb32fd360d831b3f30329cf8ac121
  12. 16 Jan, 2015 1 commit
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      Added another valid image · fbad49a4
      Ken Martin authored
      Only difference seems to be antialiazing from the _3 version
      Change-Id: If04eb9dc1d2d14112b55141fd0986c202f238a9b
  13. 15 Jan, 2015 1 commit
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      Improve the performance of the parametric function source · 0204d0ec
      Ken Martin authored
      Added an option or generating normals in parametric function source
      Also significantly improved the performance and memory footprint
      for various cases.
      Also change the timing test to use a simpler parametric function
      Change-Id: I73f97cb1dfb6aa497c7e7551e90136c89108bab7
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