1. 31 Mar, 2015 1 commit
    • David Gobbi's avatar
      Allow wrappers to properly support "using" methods. · 88693d29
      David Gobbi authored
      A using declaration allows a class to easily re-declare all superclass
      method signatures for a particular method.  This kind of re-declaration
      is necessary to avoid shadowing superclass methods that the class does
      not override.  This patch allows the wrappers to recognize using
  2. 01 Dec, 2014 3 commits
    • David Gobbi's avatar
      Wrap namespaces in python. · b271e764
      David Gobbi authored
      For now, namespaces can only be used to define constants and enum types.
      Any functions or methods in the namespace will not be wrapped.
      Change-Id: If876e77f814630aa4cb0336579826fd9b58c66f2
    • David Gobbi's avatar
      Add an enum type to the python wrappers. · ba693ade
      David Gobbi authored
      Any enum types that are encountered will automatically be wrapped
      as integral types.  This is true for enum types defined in the global
      namespace, and enum types defined within a wrapped class.  Other
      namespaces are not yet supported, because the python wrappers do not
      yet wrap C++ namespaces.
      When a class method has an enum parameter, and if the enum is a member
      of the class, then that method will perform type checking on the enum.
      Class methods that require enums that are not members of the class will
      not be wrapped (in future versions of the wrappers, they might).
      Change-Id: If38391de8a1a66eb255ddf83a72916af6d81dc78
    • David Gobbi's avatar
      Refactor vtkWrapPython into smaller source files. · a73ab651
      David Gobbi authored
      Because several thousands lines of code is too much for one file.
      Change-Id: Ib3af0f2153fddc3f593fd90913bb3408944062f6
  3. 16 Aug, 2012 1 commit
    • David Gobbi's avatar
      ENH: Make the Wrapping/Tools directory into a VTK module. · 0af3c1e1
      David Gobbi authored
      The vtkWrappingTools library and the wrapper-tool executables are now
      configured and built as part of the new modular organization of VTK.
      This change also required vtkWrappingTcl to be converted into a module.
      Change-Id: I1bc6c2ce73c0ca7422b0a9a6afe9de2df8426c2c
  4. 15 Aug, 2012 1 commit
    • David Gobbi's avatar
      ENH: Move wrapper tools into Wrapper/Tools subdirectory. · cac6610d
      David Gobbi authored
      This is the first commit in a two-stage process of creating a new
      module for the wrapping tools. This commit moves the files into
      Wrapper/Tools and renames the library to libvtkWrappingTools.
      The next commit will make WrappingTools into a VTK module.
      Change-Id: Ifeecdf51538718718750c028968a142ac52e0855
  5. 10 Aug, 2012 1 commit
  6. 07 Aug, 2012 1 commit
    • Utkarsh Ayachit's avatar
      Adding mechanisms to deal with compile-tools. · b929bb08
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      * Added new macros to vtkModuleMacros.cmake to add targets for build-tools. Now
        any component/module creating a tool that's used at compile time should use
        the vtk_compile_tools_target() macro.
      * vtk_compile_tools_target(), besides ensuring that the target properties are
        setup properly, adds the target to the VTK_COMPILETOOLS_TARGETS list.
      * As a last step, VTK_COMPILETOOLS_TARGETS are exported to both VTKTargets.cmake
        and VTKCompileToolsConfig.cmake.
      * When cross compiling VTKCompileToolsConfig.cmake is imported to load
        information about all the build tools.
      * vtkCompileTools is a new virtual target that can be used to build host-tools.
        It includes all the targets exported using vtk_compile_tools_target() or
        vtk_compile_tools_target_export() macros.
      * For projects, like ParaView, that contain VTK, added a mechanism for the
        parent project to manage importing of the compile tools when cross compiling.
      Change-Id: Ibf38868d8ea5f562c7c2682936c72bc11208c5c9
  7. 24 Jun, 2012 2 commits
    • David Gobbi's avatar
      ENH: Add static library vtkWrappingCore to share wrapper tool code. · dfcb7d1a
      David Gobbi authored
      The wrapper tools share a lot of source code, so it makes sense to
      put that code into a library.  This commit also makes a change to
      the command-line arguments for the wrapper tools: the output file
      must be specified with a "-o" option.
      Change-Id: I5155dd97c86ba98d91737f2691e8dfa92c28452d
    • David Gobbi's avatar
      ENH: Improve grammar rules of the parser used by the wrappers. · 4c6f2f79
      David Gobbi authored
      The rules in vtkParse.y have been rewritten to allow a much greater
      variety of C++ code to be parsed.  The preprocessor has also been
      modified for improved compliance and efficiency.  Some of the larger
      wrapper source files have been split.
      Change-Id: Id1aa704edd5aeeb9551fb63214652f78820331e4
  8. 15 Jun, 2012 1 commit
    • David Gobbi's avatar
      COMP: Move PythonCore to Python, make it a module again. · 4beb579b
      David Gobbi authored
      In VTK 5.10, the vtkPythonCore library was built in the Wrapping/Python
      directory.  Modularization renamed the library to vtkWrappingPythonCore
      and built it in Wrapping/PythonCore.  Soon afterwards the library was
      named back to vtkPythonCore (its original name), and it became just a
      library (not a modular-style module).
      This patch moves the code back to Wrapping/Python (its original location),
      renames vtkPythonCore to its a new name vtkWrappingPython, and makes the
      library into a modular-style module again.
      Change-Id: Ie41c2bfbe871b085d046e98af9a04a81ed535b37
  9. 04 Jun, 2012 1 commit
  10. 25 May, 2012 1 commit
    • Bill Lorensen's avatar
      BUG: Missing include for tcl wrapping · a56409e3
      Bill Lorensen authored
      commit 6e21b6bc removed ${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR} from
      include_directories. This caused compile errors for
      Wrapping/vtkTkAppInit which could not find vtkTcl.h.
      Change-Id: If9580010566cf60e7a4c45e49073e477826ea21e
  11. 24 May, 2012 1 commit
    • Matt McCormick's avatar
      BUG: Move vtkPythonConfigure.h into Wrapping/PythonCore. · 6e21b6bc
      Matt McCormick authored
      Since Wrapping/PythonCore/vtkPython.h include's vtkPythonConfigure.h, anything
      that includes vtkPython.h needs to also add /Wrapping/ to include_directories.  We
      move the location of vtkPythonConfigure.h from /Wrapping/ to
      This simplifies the CMake configuration, and fixes ITK's Python wrapping withe
      VTK Bridge module.
      Change-Id: I6f202afc1f5ec9c669204201fc22540480607d8e
  12. 20 Apr, 2012 1 commit
    • Brad King's avatar
      Refactor VTK version handling · ebf6777d
      Brad King authored
      Move VTK_(MAJOR|MINOR|BUILD)_VERSION out of "CMakeLists.txt" into
      dedicated file "CMake/vtkVersion.cmake".  Move the preprocessor macros
      from "vtkConfigure.h" to new configured header "vtkVersionMacros.h".
      This avoids rebuilding everything when the version number changes.
      Include the new header from the old location to provide the macros for
      compatibility unless VTK_LEGACY_REMOVE is ON.
      Define the BUILD version to be a date during development and the patch
      level for releases (or during preparation of one as we are currently).
      The CMake package version file (VTKConfigVersion.cmake) already does
      this so make the C++-presented version consistent with it.  Add a
      "CMake/vtkVersion.bash" script to help a nightly robot update the build
      version when it is a date.  This replaces KWSys DateStamp for VTK.
      Compile the wrapping parser with only the major and minor version number
      components instead of the full version number.  This avoids causing a
      full rebuild of all wrappers whenever the build version component
      changes.  The wrapper only needs the version to provide its --version
      option anyway.
      Teach the documentation generation scripts to extract the VTK version
      numbers from the new version file.  Drop the separate revision file
      infrastructure because everything is now in one version file.
      Also remove unused file CMake/VTKVersionMacros.cmake.
      Change-Id: If988b32c738e6161237f7e3edaff49e75cb15b25
  13. 09 Apr, 2012 1 commit
    • VTK Developers's avatar
      Add modular VTK build system · 0c1471f1
      VTK Developers authored
      Add module.cmake, CMakeLists.txt, and other build system files.
      The modular VTK build system is not yet mature.  The monolithic build
      files had a lot of infrastructure.  The modular build files reproduce
      much of the functionality but some features will need to be restored
      later.  Document status and tasks in "TODO-Modularization.txt".
      Co-Author: Marcus D. Hanwell <marcus.hanwell@kitware.com>
      Co-Author: Chris Harris <chris.harris@kitware.com>
      Co-Author: Brad King <brad.king@kitware.com>
      Co-Author: Nikhil Shetty <nikhil.shetty@kitware.com>
  14. 30 May, 2011 1 commit
    • David Gobbi's avatar
      ENH: Wrap templated types in python. · 7cf3539a
      David Gobbi authored
      This patch wraps vtkVector, vtkRect, and vtkColor, vtkDenseArray,
      and vtkSparseArray and makes them usable from python.  These objects
      can be instantiated by including the template args in square brackets,
      e.g. vtkVector['float32',3](), or by using the specializations that
      have already been provided in C++ such as vtkVector3f.
      Change-Id: I5304da8409de67bd104bf75d52b9af7462705099
  15. 07 Dec, 2010 1 commit
    • David Partyka's avatar
      Export VTK targets. · fd40541c
      David Partyka authored
      VTK now exports all of its installed targets into a VTKTargets.cmake file. Inclusion of this file allows other projects to import VTK targets and reference them directly, in a simple and flexible manner.
      Change-Id: Ifa501156a84be82fbc1e46de67e670de7ec2a99c
  16. 06 Dec, 2010 1 commit
  17. 09 Nov, 2010 1 commit
  18. 04 Oct, 2010 2 commits
  19. 16 Aug, 2010 1 commit
    • David Gobbi's avatar
      ENH: Add a preprocessor to the wrapper's parser. · 3cfbd10e
      David Gobbi authored
      The preprocessor allows robust handling of if, define, and include
      directives.  It contains its own simple parser for evaluating
      expressions using integer math.  If given include paths via "-I"
      it searches those paths, but if it does not find an include file
      then it continues without failing.  Included files are only read
      by the preprocessor, not by the main parser.
  20. 21 Jul, 2010 1 commit
  21. 06 Jul, 2010 1 commit
    • David Gobbi's avatar
      ENH: Add VTK_IGNORE_BTX option to ignore BTX/ETX markers. · d116530b
      David Gobbi authored
      This commit adds more automatic hinting for the wrappers,
      enough so that the wrappers will compile even when the BTX
      markers are ignored.  The vtkWrapHierarchy tool now includes
      typedefs and enums, as well as cmake flags ABSTRACT, WRAP_EXCLUDE,
      and WRAP_SPECIAL.  The wrappers can inspect these values for
      any class in the hierarchy.
  22. 02 Jul, 2010 1 commit
  23. 11 May, 2010 1 commit
  24. 22 Jan, 2010 2 commits
  25. 30 Jul, 2008 1 commit
  26. 04 Jun, 2008 1 commit
  27. 01 Apr, 2008 1 commit
  28. 28 Jan, 2008 1 commit
  29. 26 Jul, 2007 2 commits
    • Alexander Neundorf's avatar
      · 7764d051
      Alexander Neundorf authored
      COMP: fix java build
    • Alexander Neundorf's avatar
      · e16e322d
      Alexander Neundorf authored
      ENH: make VTK cross compilable by using "imported" executables
      -reorganize VTL/CMakeLists.txt a bit more:
      -at first find Tcl, Python, Java, then build the wrapping executables, then
      setup the wrappers, using GET_TARGET_PROPERTY() for all three
  30. 04 Oct, 2006 1 commit
  31. 11 Jul, 2005 1 commit
  32. 29 Mar, 2005 1 commit
  33. 25 Mar, 2005 1 commit
    • Brad King's avatar
      ENH: Adding configurable installation support. There are three basic... · f4a43573
      Brad King authored
      ENH: Adding configurable installation support.  There are three basic components: runtime, development, and documentation.  Users or parent projects can control which components are installed by setting VTK_INSTALL_NO_RUNTIME, VTK_INSTALL_NO_DEVELOPMENT, and/or VTK_INSTALL_NO_DOCUMENTATION appropriately.  Install locations can be configured with VTK_INSTALL_BIN_DIR, VTK_INSTALL_LIB_DIR, and VTK_INSTALL_INCLUDE_DIR by setting them to paths relative to the installation prefix.  The defaults preserve old behavior.
  34. 01 Mar, 2005 1 commit
    • Brad King's avatar
      ENH: Using variables VTK_INSTALL_BIN_DIR, VTK_INSTALL_LIB_DIR, and... · 0237f1dc
      Brad King authored
      ENH: Using variables VTK_INSTALL_BIN_DIR, VTK_INSTALL_LIB_DIR, and VTK_INSTALL_INCLUDE_DIR for install locations.  They default to the old values (/bin, /lib/vtk, and /include/vtk) but can be changed by parent projects like ParaView to install inner VTK instances in a special location.