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      Create iOS framework in one pass through CMake config · d9d3fc3b
      Tim Thirion authored
      First, build VTK for vtkCompileTools. Then build two more times, once for all
      device architectures and once for all simulator architectures.
      When the user specifies -DVTK_IOS_BUILD=ON, the following options are presented:
      CMAKE_FRAMEWORK_INSTALL_PREFIX - final location of vtk.framework
      IOS_DEVICE_ARCHITECTURES - device architectures, e.g., arm64
      IOS_SIMULATOR_ARCHITECTURES - simulator architectures, e.g. x86_64
      OPENGL_ES_VERSION - 2.0 or 3.0
      Future commits will improve the available options and hide more unnecessary
      Change-Id: Id27e547e3758e186ec85502dbb12cdb63ab8539c
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