1. 20 Aug, 2012 9 commits
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      Label horizontal swatches properly. · 039e2574
      David Thompson authored
      Now both horizontal and vertical orientations are annotated
      properly in `IndexedLookup` mode.
      Change-Id: I4d2bcfecdd2b1bc8f72192a7f5706ac7167d4a67
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      Better layout of text in vertical case. · d4c03f44
      David Thompson authored
      Now annotation text won't overlap.
      This requires an uncommitted change to vtkMathTextActor
      to properly compute bounding rectangles before the first render.
      Change-Id: I40eb512e4406fb83eae5933264fa72fe6498eda0
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      Initial annotation labels. · c4255f1e
      David Thompson authored
      Labels are now allocated and displayed, but
      their positions are only computed for vertical layouts and
      overlap is not prevented. Leader lines are not rendered yet.
      Change-Id: I64ce46cac754dd5dd9b736605c60ec2fe7e79456
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      Color swatches for categorical scalar bar. · e7f4e894
      David Thompson authored
      When a `vtkLookupTable` with `IndexedLookup` set to true
      is passed to `vtkScalarBarActor`, the scalar bar is not drawn.
      Instead, a set of distinct color swatches is rendered -- one
      for each annotated value stored in the lookup table.
      The labels stored with each annotation are not yet rendered.
      Change-Id: I3849e5bf99a58ae8884f4061336545781f7b3c65
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      Make annotation API more consistent. · dd7fe488
      David Thompson authored
      + Make `GetIndex()` work consistently whether `IndexedLookup`
        is true or false.
      + Make `GetIndex()` and `MapValue()` properly handle NaN values
        when `IndexedLookup` is false.
      + Return a `vtkIdType` for the number of annotated values.
        (The previous `vtkVariant` was a cut-and-paste error.)
      Change-Id: I4586ab117200cca73b021ce0d01782a7da958b45
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      Clarify documentation before changes. · 43560e39
      David Thompson authored
      Before we add user-specified annotation, make it clear
      that the pre-existing text annotations were all tick marks.
      Change-Id: I5ec62932e2768255a8149f725561efe39cbf1baf
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      Test categorical color lookup and Brewer colors. · 1a837f71
      David Thompson authored
      Change-Id: I920bf7f495b25fdb7cde1743db7965ce73885698
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      Color mapping using only annotated values. · ee78433e
      David Thompson authored
      This patch implements an "indexed" color mode for `vtkLookupTable`.
      When `IndexedLookup` is true, the scalar range and log/linear settings are disabled;
      `MapScalars` and `MapValue` require an exact match to an annotated value
      in order to return a valid color.
      All other values are mapped to `NanColor`.
      Change-Id: I9805ab6b4398db479c0ae6b0d239886850c2e187
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      Add categorical data to vtkLookupTable. · 649a62b1
      David Thompson authored
      Change-Id: I123e0eb3833a8c5dd5d1c399e70ecffe8ba7ec5c
  2. 16 Aug, 2012 19 commits
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