Commit e736ad42 authored by Ben Boeckel's avatar Ben Boeckel

vtkEnSightWriter: terminate buffers properly

strncat doesn't guarantee a NUL-terminated string after it is done.

Change-Id: I4f1fd122e928f529a7e363e30d4c708be7a132f3
parent b4b8206b
......@@ -905,17 +905,19 @@ void vtkEnSightWriter::WriteSOSCaseFile(int numProcs)
void vtkEnSightWriter::WriteStringToFile(const char* cstring, FILE* file)
char cbuffer[80];
char cbuffer[81];
// Terminate the buffer to avoid static analyzer warnings about strncpy not
// NUL-terminating its destination buffer in case the input is too long.
cbuffer[80] = '\0';
// Write a constant 80 bytes to the file.
fwrite(cbuffer, sizeof(char),80,file);
void vtkEnSightWriter::WriteTerminatedStringToFile(const char* cstring, FILE* file)
char cbuffer[512];
fwrite(cbuffer, sizeof(char),strlen(cbuffer),file);
fwrite(cstring, sizeof(char),std::min(strlen(cstring), static_cast<size_t>(512)),file);
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