Commit e1ad3166 authored by Bill Lorensen's avatar Bill Lorensen

ENH: Change default TEST_LABELS for module

Currently, the TEST_LABELS for a vtk module defaults to the empty
string. Currently, only one VTK module sets TEST_LABELS in its
module.cmake file (vtkWebCore). This patch sets the default to the
name of the module. This faciliates testing of individuyal modules.

For example, when using the testing script vtk_common.cmake, one can set

set(MODULE "vtkCommonCore")


and the testing script will only test those tests which have the label
vtkCommponCore. This is especially useful for remote modules. Rather
than running all of vtk's tests, a test script would just run the remote
module's tests.
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......@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ macro(vtk_module _name)
set(${vtk-module}_EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL 0)
set(${vtk-module}_EXCLUDE_FROM_WRAPPING 0)
set(${vtk-module}_EXCLUDE_FROM_WRAP_HIERARCHY 0)
set(${vtk-module}_TEST_LABELS "")
set(${vtk-module}_TEST_LABELS "${vtk-module}")
set(${vtk-module}_KIT "")
foreach(arg ${ARGN})
# XXX: Adding a new keyword? Update Utilities/Maintenance/
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