Commit ddef9c38 authored by Charles Law's avatar Charles Law
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Fix: Get rid of triangulation abiguity.

parent 608e6e5d
package require vtktcl_interactor
vtkDiskSource disk
disk SetRadialResolution 2
disk SetCircumferentialResolution 9
vtkTriangleFilter tri
tri SetInput [disk GetOutput]
tri Update
vtkVectorText disk
disk SetText "o"
vtkTransform t
t Translate 1.1 0 0
vtkTransformFilter tf
tf SetTransform t
tf SetInput [tri GetOutput]
tf SetInput [disk GetOutput]
vtkStripper strips
strips SetInput [tf GetOutput]
vtkAppendPolyData app
app AddInput [tri GetOutput]
app AddInput [disk GetOutput]
app AddInput [strips GetOutput]
app Update
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