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Fix bug for parsing backslash in string literal.

The string and char literals had a mistake that caused a mis-parse if
a backslash appeared before the terminating quote.  The new patterns
fix the bug, and also allow for multi-line string literals.
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......@@ -125,12 +125,12 @@ ID [a-zA-Z_\x80-\xff][0-9a-zA-Z_\x80-\xff]*
preprocessor_directive(yytext, yyleng);
("u8"|"u"|"U"|"L")?\"([^\"]|\\\")*\"(_{ID})? {
("u8"|"u"|"U"|"L")?\"([^\\"]|\\\r\n|\\\n|\\.)*\"(_{ID})? {
yylval.str = vtkstrndup(yytext, yyleng);
("u8"|"u"|"U"|"L")?\'([^\']|\\\')+\'(_{ID})? {
("u8"|"u"|"U"|"L")?\'([^\\']|\\.)+\'(_{ID})? {
yylval.str = vtkstrndup(yytext, yyleng);
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