Commit da68c059 authored by Mathieu Malaterre's avatar Mathieu Malaterre
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FIX error introduced + STYLE

parent 0db0363e
......@@ -43,28 +43,28 @@ public:
// Description:
// End the rendering process and display the image.
void Frame(void);
void Frame();
// Description:
// Specify various window parameters.
virtual void WindowConfigure(void);
virtual void WindowConfigure();
// Description:
// Create the window.
virtual void WindowInitialize(void);
virtual void WindowInitialize();
// Description:
// Initialize the rendering window. This will setup all system-specific
// resources. This method and Finalize() must be symmetric and it
// should be possible to call them multiple times, even changing WindowId
// in-between. This is what WindowRemap does.
virtual void Initialize(void);
virtual void Initialize();
// Description:
// Finalize the rendering window. This will shutdown all system-specifc
// resources. After having called this, it should be possible to destroy
// a window that was used for a SetWindowId() call without any ill effects.
virtual void Finalize(void);
virtual void Finalize();
// Description:
// Change the window to fill the entire screen.
......@@ -72,11 +72,11 @@ public:
// Description:
// Remap the window.
virtual void WindowRemap(void);
virtual void WindowRemap();
// Description:
// Set the preferred window size to full screen.
virtual void PrefFullScreen(void);
virtual void PrefFullScreen();
// Description:
// Set the size of the window.
......@@ -87,6 +87,10 @@ public:
// Get the current size of the window.
virtual int *GetSize();
// Description:
// Set the position of the window.
virtual void SetPosition(int,int);
// Description:
// Return the scrren size.
virtual int *GetScreenSize();
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