Commit d59d4392 authored by Bill Lorensen's avatar Bill Lorensen
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COMP: Member template function use on Mac

Some Mac compilers fail to compile
vtkSampleFunctionAlgorithm<T>::FunctionValueOp<T> values(&algo);
removing (the redundant) vtkSampleFunctionAlgorithm<T>::
resolves the compilation issues.

Change-Id: I685b14f929dce4b5b976aeefaf94b75c9f98217f
parent 18a804f8
......@@ -158,13 +158,13 @@ SampleAcrossImage(vtkSampleFunction *self, vtkImageData *output,
algo.CapValue = self->GetCapValue();
// Okay now generate samples using SMP tools
vtkSampleFunctionAlgorithm<T>::FunctionValueOp<T> values(&algo);
FunctionValueOp<T> values(&algo);
vtkSMPTools::For(0,algo.Dims[2], values);
// If requested, generate normals
if ( algo.Normals )
vtkSampleFunctionAlgorithm<T>::FunctionGradientOp<T> gradient(&algo);
FunctionGradientOp<T> gradient(&algo);
vtkSMPTools::For(0,algo.Dims[2], gradient);
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