Commit c9a44aae authored by Ken Martin's avatar Ken Martin
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fix warning

parent c41d9292
......@@ -33,11 +33,29 @@ foreach array "Bit Char Double Float Int Long Short UnsignedChar UnsignedInt Uns
a${array}Array Delete
foreach attribute "Scalars Vectors Normals Tensors TCoords" {
foreach attribute "Scalars Vectors Normals TCoords" {
dsa SetActive${attribute} aFloatArray
dsa Get${attribute} aFloatArray
dsa Get${attribute} foo
vtkFloatArray aFloatTensors
aFloatTensors Allocate 1 1
aFloatTensors SetNumberOfComponents 9
aFloatTensors SetNumberOfTuples 4
aFloatTensors SetName aFloatTensors
for {set i 0} {$i < [aFloatTensors GetNumberOfTuples]} {incr i} {
for {set j 0} {$j < [aFloatTensors GetNumberOfComponents]} {incr j} {
aFloatTensors SetComponent $i $j 1
incr k
dsa AddArray aFloatTensors
aFloatTensors Delete
dsa SetActiveTensors aFloatTensors
dsa GetTensors aFloatTensors
dsa GetTensors foo
dsa RemoveArray aFloatArray
vtkDataSetAttributes dsa2
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