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Commit c0e26a80 authored by Nikhil Shetty's avatar Nikhil Shetty Committed by Nikhil Shetty

DISABLE-TEST: Commenting out vtkIOGeometryPython-TestPolygonWriters

This test depends on vtkCGMWriter. This writer is commented out in
VTK due to dependency issues. This test should be enabled after the
class is enabled again.

Change-Id: Ibc28aafcff10ff970227a3716be4a6634463dd17
parent 4ac69ccd
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ add_test_python(Plot3DScalars.py IO)
add_test_python(Plot3DVectors.py IO)
add_test_python(TestAVSucdReader.py IO)
add_test_python(TestGAMBITReader.py IO)
add_test_python(TestPolygonWriters.py IO)
# add_test_python(TestPolygonWriters.py IO) # needs vtkCGMWriter (not built)
add_test_python(TestXYZMol.py IO)
add_test_python(caffeine.py IO)
add_test_python(motor.py Graphics)
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