Commit c08a4b50 authored by Sankhesh Jhaveri's avatar Sankhesh Jhaveri

Provided ivar getter function for vector mode

Changed ivar scope to protected as per VTK convention
parent 06f82a67
Pipeline #33137 passed with stage
......@@ -334,10 +334,10 @@ public:
vtkSetClampMacro(VectorMode, int, -1, 1);
vtkSetClampMacro(VectorComponent, int, 0, 3);
vtkGetMacro(VectorMode, int);
int VectorMode;
int VectorComponent;
vtkSetClampMacro(VectorComponent, int, 0, 3);
vtkGetMacro(VectorComponent, int);
......@@ -478,6 +478,18 @@ protected:
int InteractiveAdjustSampleDistances;
* VectorMode is a special rendering mode for 3-component vectors which makes
* use of GPURayCastMapper's independent-component capabilities. In this mode,
* a single component in the vector can be selected for rendering. In addition,
* the mapper can compute a scalar field representing the magnitude of this vector
* using a vtkImageMagnitude object (MAGNITUDE mode).
int VectorMode;
int VectorComponent;
* Adjust the GPUMapper's parameters (ColorTable, Weights, etc.) to render
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