Commit b381321f authored by Andrew Bauer's avatar Andrew Bauer

Fix issue with empty input dataset.

Addresses paraview/paraview#18302.
parent a992e8e8
......@@ -296,9 +296,22 @@ int vtkGradientFilter::RequestData(vtkInformation *vtkNotUsed(request),
= vtkDataSet::SafeDownCast(inInfo->Get(vtkDataObject::DATA_OBJECT()));
vtkDataSet *output
= vtkDataSet::SafeDownCast(outInfo->Get(vtkDataObject::DATA_OBJECT()));
vtkDataArray *array = this->GetInputArrayToProcess(0, inputVector);
if (input->GetNumberOfCells() == 0)
// need cells to compute the gradient so if we don't have cells. we can't compute anything.
// if we have points and an array with values provide a warning letting the user know that
// no gradient will be computed because of the lack of cells. otherwise the dataset is
// assumed empty and we can skip providing a warning message to the user.
if (input->GetNumberOfPoints() && array && array->GetNumberOfTuples())
vtkWarningMacro("Cannot compute gradient for datasets without cells");
return 1;
if (array == nullptr)
vtkErrorMacro("No input array. If this dataset is part of a composite dataset"
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