Commit a9d18cdd authored by Ben Boeckel's avatar Ben Boeckel Committed by Code Review
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Merge topic 'remove-range-wrapping' into master

df94b85e Remove range[2] overloads for vtk*DataArray wrappings
parents b1841bfb df94b85e
......@@ -378,9 +378,7 @@ private:
void InsertValue(vtkIdType id, T f); \
vtkIdType InsertNextValue(T f); \
T *GetValueRange(int comp); \
void GetValueRange(T range[2], int comp); \
T *GetValueRange(); \
void GetValueRange(T range[2]); \
T* WritePointer(vtkIdType id, vtkIdType number); \
T* GetPointer(vtkIdType id)/*; \
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