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Commit 9d6d565c authored by Sean McBride's avatar Sean McBride

Suppress numerous warnings about using uninitialized memory

Many callers of this API pass an initialized buffer to the
second param, and assume this method fills it. But there’s
a branch where the buffer is not filled, yet no return value
to know it wasn’t filled.  So as to not change this public
API’s behaviour, I just added an assert to tell the analyzer
that the error branch is “impossible”.

Change-Id: Ic77437170af76a2f964333a988cc6ba69eb78a46
parent 6fd5a5d5
......@@ -582,6 +582,7 @@ void vtkLookupTable::SetTable(vtkUnsignedCharArray *table)
void vtkLookupTable::GetColorAsUnsignedChars(const double colorIn[4],
unsigned char colorOut[4])
assert(colorIn && colorOut);
if (!colorIn || !colorOut)
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