Commit 9b4bad25 authored by Will Schroeder's avatar Will Schroeder
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ENH: Added additional cell structure functionality.

parent 54e6b102
......@@ -83,6 +83,15 @@ public:
void Initialize();
int GetMaxCellSize();
// special cell structure methods
void BuildLinks();
void GetCellPoints(int cellId, int& npts, int* &pts);
void ReplaceCell(int cellId, int npts, int *pts);
int InsertNextLinkedCell(int type, int npts, int *pts);
void RemoveReferenceToCell(int ptId, int cellId);
void AddReferenceToCell(int ptId, int cellId);
void ResizeCellList(int ptId, int size);
// points inherited
......@@ -90,7 +99,6 @@ protected:
vtkCellList *Cells;
vtkCellArray *Connectivity;
vtkLinkList *Links;
void BuildLinks();
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