Commit 9aadfc9f authored by Dean Inglis's avatar Dean Inglis
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fix bug in MedicalImageProperties

An iterator returned from a container .find(...)
was being dereferenced without checking for a
returned end of container failure case.  The
fix checks for end of container condition before
derefencing the iterator.

Change-Id: Iccc5a31629d09a143e3712ba9c936528ef868afc
parent efc0fd92
......@@ -74,9 +74,12 @@ public:
UserDefinedValue key(name);
UserDefinedValues::const_iterator it = UserDefinedValuePool.find( key );
if( it != UserDefinedValuePool.end() )
assert( strcmp(it->Name.c_str(), name) == 0 );
return it->Value.c_str();
return NULL;
unsigned int GetNumberOfUserDefinedValues() const
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