Commit 96baf8e8 authored by Dan Lipsa's avatar Dan Lipsa

BUG: Get rid of error printouts from TestRIBExporter

This fixes:
ERROR: In /Common/ExecutionModel/vtkImageAlgorithm.cxx, line 137
vtkOpenGLTexture (0x7fa67b434bc0): Definition of Execute() method should be in subclass and you should really use the ExecuteData(vtkInformation *request,...) signature instead


ERROR: In /home/danlipsa/src/VTK/IO/Image/vtkTIFFWriter.cxx, line 137
vtkTIFFWriter (0x2028280): Unsupported data type: double

ERROR: In /home/danlipsa/src/VTK/IO/Image/vtkTIFFWriter.cxx, line 248
vtkTIFFWriter (0x2028280): Could not get data from input.

ERROR: In /home/danlipsa/src/VTK/IO/Image/vtkTIFFWriter.cxx, line 410
vtkTIFFWriter (0x2028280): Problem writting trailer.
parent a32e402d
......@@ -37,6 +37,8 @@ vtkTIFFWriter::vtkTIFFWriter()
void vtkTIFFWriter::Write()
// make sure the latest input is available.
// Error checking
if (this->GetInput() == NULL)
......@@ -212,6 +212,12 @@ protected:
// A texture is a sink, so there is no need to do anything.
// This definition avoids a warning when doing Update() on a vtkTexture object.
virtual void ExecuteData(vtkDataObject *)
int Repeat;
int EdgeClamp;
int Interpolate;
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