Commit 93f187cd authored by Andrew Bauer's avatar Andrew Bauer
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Now updating the particle age properly when it exits the domain.

Change-Id: I1e75ab9f65a23c5038e1c8ce06a20464987dc364
parent 4db27d8e
......@@ -1478,12 +1478,11 @@ bool vtkParticleTracerBase::RetryWithPush(
info.CurrentPosition.x[3] += delT;
info.LocationState = this->Interpolator->TestPoint(info.CurrentPosition.x);
info.age += delT;
if (info.LocationState!=ID_OUTSIDE_ALL)
// a push helped the particle get back into a dataset,
info.age += delT;
info.ErrorCode = 6;
return 1;
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